Wednesday, July 2, 2014

First date

Hi guys ! Here is my latest illustration, it is called ''First date''. Now this one was supposed to be a stake out gone wrong, but I have a similar illustration, so I decided to make something funny with a bit of story. So there is alien life on other planets and they are very similar to us, they go to work, make families, babies etc. 
The main character is Phil, our friendly alien and his pet cat ( more evolved predator, tamed for a long time by the ancient green tribes and used as a hunting companion, but now it is friendly, cuddly and highly protective) Daisy, are going out on their first date. It is custom for citizens that have pets, to make acquaintance with them on the first night, who knows maybe they will make a family to. 
I hope you enjoy this image, had fun doing it and see you later :). 

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