Thursday, December 29, 2016


Please forgive my writing skills .

I always loved the post apocalypse world, especially the Mad Max universe and with this last movie I really felt that the characters were nicely made, lots of personality and tremendous amount of detail. Because I also like hand made stuff ( even though I am poor at making them myself ), I really felt that I can make something a bit different from the roman gladiator but still anchored in reality. 

Small story: He is a though SOB, big muscular and also a skilled combatant. I imagine him being ex military or something, hired for combat or entertainment in the arenas of the wasteland. 
He crafts his own weapons and after each victory he likes to take trophies from his enemies, and sometimes he takes a bit more also he is very selfish and egocentric, 
believing that only the sun and the moon is above him. 

A strong believer in fair combat and survival of the fittest, he is also inspired a lot by the ancient roman history, the soldiers were very disciplined and hard, 
compared to the barbarians they fought and conquered. 

The world he lives in now, resembles a lot those times, were civilization was scarce, the only difference being that the current civilization was destroyed by mankind's greed for power. Gladiator....was a self proclamation of this nomad warrior, who constantly fights for his survival.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Hey everyone, I am back with something new ! This project is something that I got very attached to the past days so I hope you get into it as well !


Van Helsing

Knight Crusader (For Honor fan art)

Mad Max


The Witcher

Linemania vol.1


My new sketch album is up, creatures from my mind are dwelling here.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mutant stand off, cover art for LootCRATE

This project is based on two illustrations made for Loot CRATE for the Combat theme they did for the month of November. I had a blast working with them, very nice people and understanding, only great feedback from me and I also hope that the audience enjoyed the package as well !! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

P.A.W. Elite

This is a new project of mine, based on designing new robot characters that are cute and deadly :). As a short introduction and some back story to it, P.A.W. Elite is an infiltration team of robots, each member having different abilities that can complete the team and make it as efficient as possible.
Professor Minamoto, Japanese scientist and robotics expert, designed the robots initially as companions for kids between 5 and 12 years of age, in the mid 2100's. They were supposed to be A.I. robots that could replace some of the tasks that parents couldn't do, like taking them to school, to the park and so on.
The professor was hired by the military to move this project into another direction, of course the kid companion idea was dropped, never came out, millions of dollars spent in prototyping them and marketing was lost. The army paid some of the money for compensation, but not enough, just to cover up all this scandal and shut some people up. So this is how P.A.W. Elite was born after ten years of work and research, unique prototypes were made, each one different and special in his own way.
Kitty was the first made, she was ''born'' in 2163, she is supposed to be the fastest gun in the east. Just for the record, the skeleton of these robots is made out of benditanium, basically titanium that is very malleable and incredibly resilient to gun fire and explosions.
Teddy was in development as well, so after five months he was ready for action. He is heavier than Kitty, a robust robot that could easily crush you in close combat. He also has mounted machine guns on the back, acting independently from the body, a lethal weapon for the ones that aren't engaged in close combat with him.
Bunny was later made, as he was meant to be the captain of the team, his A.I. brain is more intelligent than the other ones, has more tactical experience implemented and team management as well. He is the basic samurai warrior, fast and deadly with the swords. He can also detect invisible enemies, so there is basically no peril that could compromise the team.
Puppy was the last model made, he has a more jolly and childish personality than the others. When he doesn't blow everything up with his missile launchers, you can roughly see him as a ''little doggy''. Be careful how you pet him, his ultrasound emitters can literally blow your brains out.
In the end I think this is the perfect team, the cat's slickness and cunning, with the brute bashing bully from your neighborhood, samurai whits and deadliness and a cute killer bundle of joy.

So I hope you had some fun reading this, I wish you all the best and thanks for taking the time!  

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Hello fans of the Tolkein world, Lord of the Rings and Mordor !!! I am a big fan of the ''Middle Earth - Shadow of Mordor '' game, I think it is the best game for me, lots of gore and delicious ugliness ( best combat experience ). This project was made as an homage to the beautiful Warchiefs that I could kill or take control for ever. I think they are the best, with personality and great looks :D.
I hope you guys love it as much as I do, comments are welcome and have a good one !!