Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Matt Damon

This is the final one, worked above the last sketch for 2/2,5 hours. I am happy with the way it turned out, looks more fresh and the resemblance is more accurate on this one. 


Man it has been a long time, here is a 3 hour sketch painting of Matt. Still a lot of work to do but I think I can manage some sketches from time to time.


MaPY said...

Hello Cosmin
Nice and strong !

Ronnie said...

awesomely done bro..amazing!!!

♥AMBre said...

Wow ! Excellent !
Je le découvre aujourd'hui et je vais te mettre à l'honneur sur mon blog.
Félicitations, Cosmin !

Cosmin Podar said...

Merci beaucoup mon ami :) :D

Criticul said...

Love these! Reminded me of my favorite magician's portrait work, Derren Brown.