Friday, October 8, 2010

John Malkovich

I have decided to post something. I took a small brake from the Red hot chili peppers (will post the progress soon), and I tried to study things by watching the work of master caricaturists ( no names are to be mentioned :D, cause you know them)...I did this sort of exercise and I think it turned out pretty nice, more of an exaggeration portrait than a caricature, in my opinion. After this John Malkovich drawing that I did at work, I decided to start coloring it, step by step slowly, trying to be very patient and not to be aggressive and overwhelmed by the desire for detail.
And this is after approximately 30-40 minutes of making the palette and to blocking in color:


Anonymous said...

This looks great, please finish it!!

J.BOSCO said...

fantastic tecnic!!

Unknown said...

man, you are a case!!!
i vote for you!!!!!!