Thursday, July 18, 2013

Head hunter

Finaly the final piece is done, I had time to finish it, now back to sketching something else. 

Here is the final piece, hope you like it. This image is a progress of what I did in 8 steps, maybe it helps to see a bit of insight. 

Here is the painting's progress until today, had some help on it and did some changes to improve it. The design changed from beast master to head hunter, I don't know if the creatures will still remain from the initial sketch but that is not important, it is an exercise for me to get better at this . 

Sneak peak, this is still WIP but I think I am in the right direction. 

Hello, this is just a line work of probably a card that I want to finish. I saw a lot of them in other artists' portfolio and I wanted to see if I could do something nice. I hope I have the patience and time to do a colored version to.

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