Thursday, July 22, 2010

A new line of caricatures

This is the progress so far on this drawing of Jason. I said yesterday that I would finish it probably today but I didn't had enough free time so, maybe tomorrow.

And now presenting the fifth caricature, it's the one, the only Jason Seiler, one of the greatest caricature artists (my opinion). I hope he won't get upset because I didn't ask for any permission, but I don't think it's such a big deal. This is not finished by the way, and I hope that tomorrow it will be done, so have a nice night.

The fourth caricature is here, hope you like it, it is Ash a foreign buddy.

And this was supposed to be the third buuut.... never mind it's here and it is Florin (aka Flo).

This is an old friend, Rareş Bartoş, he works in Bucharest, makes animations for different commercials and of course as you can see he is also an MC, his hobby is music.

This is the first commissioned work I have posted on my blog, feel free to leave any opinions or criticism, likes or dislikes.

The second one finally arrived. It took me two days because of the spare time I had, but it is here and the third is half way done.

This will be the beginning of a new series of caricatures, this one is a 8x17cm pencil drawing of one of my friends, she is an artist too so, enjoy


ramo said...

can't wait to see the others.

ramo said...

hey, somethin' new?!

lostinarc said...

Man these are awesome creation....great one..:)

Cosmin Podar said...

Thanks allot lostinarc

GRAND said...

Nice work!
You have a style very interesting.

Cosmin Podar said...

Thanks :D

Maria said...

Nice work! Getting better and better!

Cosmin Podar said...

Mersi Maria :D